2020: Time To Refocus

β€œRemember, nothing will change until you do.” It’s a new year, filled with new goals, new beginnings and a drive to be and do better than last year. It happens every New Year, and a lot of times that fuel runs out quickly. How can you make 2020 different? What challenges are you currently facing … Continue reading 2020: Time To Refocus

Rhonda Byrne lets us in on a little Secret.

Title: The Secret Author: Rhonda Byrne You’ve probably heard people like Oprah talk about it, people like Denzel Washington, Steve Harvey, Jim Carrey, Paulo Coelho and many other famous successful people that we can learn a thing or two from. The whole concept of like attracting like, being able to see it in order to … Continue reading Rhonda Byrne lets us in on a little Secret.